Free Rider 2 Map Codes


Those of you who have the experience of playing an editing based flash game (more commonly known as web-toys know that Free Rider 2 is an exciting web-toy to play. It gives you the chance to design your own racing world prior to race. You can design the path yourself and later can race using a vehicle.

The infrastructure design feature is interactive and very user friendly. The paths can be built using a simple drawing platform which comes along with the paint option of windows. The difference is that it is a game. In addition to drawing the maps you can get Free Rider 2 Map codes online in sites.

Free Rider 2 gives you the chance to design backgrounds of the racing course. It lets you switch the environment and put straight lines, curves, circles and collectable starts in the course. All these customizations make the game a fun experience and especially for kids it is ideal. Along with a standard vehicle which is a bike, there are other choices as well. Such as, the truck, helicopter, hot air balloon, unicycle etc.

You can edit the course and let your vehicle ride it. Interesting thing is that in the latest version, you can add bombs, slow motion effects, power-ups amidst the course itself. So it excels the first one in gameplay experience. The experience is like having a web-toy combined with level editor where you can perform basic image editing tasks yourself. You can build anything out of your imagination and curve out a path for your bike to ride on.

This is the manual course of editing a path. You can however, check out for customized Free Rider 2 Map Codes for different levels and there are thousands of levels to try out and play. Remember I told you about different vehicles? Well, each one has different characteristics and traits which will be handy on the Free Rider 2 Map Codes. Here the editor option just needs you to paste the map code in the appropriate place for it to be effective. The editing is much less troublesome than the earlier version. This installment sort of enhances the experience of game play. Few Popular maps are Heaven or Hell, City Mayhem, Track with Hidden routes, the end of snowy slopes etc. You can take the codes of these maps and paste in appropriate place or simply can create your own version.

Here is a code of BMX Track for you.


Here is the code for Heaven or Hell

Here is the City Mayhem Code:

Here is the Trampoline Code:

Find more codes soon :)


In this game with the custom map codes, you have the ability to alter the gravity however; the gravity is both your friend and enemy. It is up to you, how you would like to use it. This game is definitely better than the first one as far as the outset suggests. It hardly gives away the simplicity and at the same time challenges the creativity of the players. It is a must play for players of all ages. Try playing it and feel the difference yourself. A great game on the flash platform no doubt with easy to handle controls.