Free Rider 2 Track Codes


Flash games have always been an obsession for the people. Those who play games for a fun time cannot have enough of the Flash games. The web-toys are a new addition to the flash family (where you can interact and change the gaming environment on screen). A famous web-toy these days is Free Rider 2. Here you drive a vehicle (can be a hot air balloon, dirt bike, helicopter, truck etc.) and along the way can make alterations to your course as well. You can even paste already made track codes in the appropriate section of the editor.

Free Rider 2 continues the saga of the previous version of the game. Pete of OneMoreLevel has added a few more tweaks and tricks this time. You can actually design the roads and drive a vehicle for them. Free Rider 2 allows you to design the background also using a series of straight lines. You can add lines or curves in the course of the road; here you have the freedom to place stars which you can collect as well.

The second version gives you sharper drawings. Even if you are tired of drawing the course yourself, just browse through the internet to find thousands of tracks designed through Free Rider 2 Track Codes by other players. These are all free and can be added through the custom code feature on the left side. Just click the open folder Icon (same as word) and copy the code then paste it to apply.

Let me give you the names of few popular maps that you should try, heaven or hell, City Mayhem, Trampoline, BMX track are few of the great maps that are available. Just copy the code, paste, change the theme and play.

Code Heaven or Hell:

Code for BMX Track:

Code for City Mayhem:

Trampoline Code:

Those who are new at this should try it. All your life, you have played console games, racing games where you had to race around a set course. This game might not carry the details of a perfect PC style racing game but Free Rider 2 Track Codes feature allows you to create your own roads using the codes. You can share the codes with friends and challenge each other. So the excitement is the same. The best thing is once you fail to race on the course you can always have a little modification done and start the game once again. This game is not played with the intention of winning or losing but with pure fun loving attitude.

Now a little bit briefer about the controls. The controls are very much simple as everyone expects from a web-toy. Basically movement keys are used in this game. Pressing up would speed up the vehicle and pressing left and right would make the rider lean accordingly. You can press Enter to restart once you fall and press “X” to turn around. The controls and the codes are simple enough for the players to play and enjoy. It should be a great experience for the novices and pros of gaming alike. Go ahead and play the game and I am sure you will love it to the bits. Just try it out for fun.