Free Rider Codes


Free Rider is an awesome game where editor meets the original Line Rider game. Those of you who wish to play online track building games for just the fun of it should love Free Rider. The developer of the game is Pete from OneMoreLevel. He incorporated the editor with the Dirt bike riding game. It is a perfect web-toy for you to pass the time and enjoy sheer good time. This adaptation of Line Rider presents us with a great opportunity to be an artist. Surprised? You should be. Here in this game you will have the opportunity to design your own courses along with riding a dirt bike, a truck or a helicopter. Interesting right? There is more.

You can basically draw the road here so you have the freedom of erasing it. You can customize the levels by adding stars that you can collect or straight paths, sometimes it can be curved as well. Feel free to add some ramps to jump over with the bike. You can escape the tedious drawing part by looking for the creator’s code at the right hand bar. Place your customized Free Rider Codes in there to get sharper roads and obstacles. Basically you will find these codes on websites. There are many Free Rider fans that make and edit codes for themselves. Feel free to use them. Few great maps are known as, heaven or hell, City Mayhem, BMX Track, Trampoline and so on these tracks are very popular and should be great fun to play on. Try them out for yourselves.

Here are the codes:


Heaven or Hell:


City Meyhem:

Just select one and apply. The funny thing is that each level or road code has its own name. For example a level is called, “Through the Mole Tunnel”. But the one shortcoming of the game is it does not have a background editing tool. However you can do a small time editor’s job here by designing, saving or erasing your project. To add the code, one must use [code] [/code] and in between having to post the codes.

The possibilities of creating levels in this game is endless so you can continue to experiment within yourself till you are satisfied and invent newer codes of levels as you move along. The best idea would be to collect different codes from the websites I mentioned.

For all of you who are looking for a short interactive and interesting game, this will be the perfect shot. You can add curves, circles and collectable items within them. The best part is you can do the editing job even while riding the bike and the controls are easy to handle too. Just press the directional keys for movement and you can press Enter to restart. You can press ‘X’ to turn the direction of the bike itself.

Free Rider is definitely a game worth playing and you can be sure of funny experiences and the most unique feature of the game is that you can share levels. So even if you are tired of putting the Free Rider Codes in place, look for other ones and challenge yourself to the maximum