Play Free Rider


Free Rider is an Online based game. It is a track drawing game. That means you have to draw your own tracks and ride your own bike. Well, basically you get to ride more than just bikes there are choppers. Just draw your tracks and you are ready to Play Free Rider. The control of the flash game is very simple like the paint option in windows. You need to draw roads; more specifically, maps. This game will be a totally new experience for you. As I said you will have to create roads and ramps and drive your bike through them. You can actually control the bike as you move along. To top it all you may place collectable stars along the way in the levels.

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Free Rider is an adaptation of Line Rider with few tweaks but it is great as you can control your rider and build the infrastructure at the same time. The creator of this game is Pete from OneMoreLevel. He added these interactive elements to the game which lets it stand out of the lot. You can control the rider by pressing Up, Down, Left, Right (the movement keys).  You can use ‘X’ to change direction of the bike. The concept of racing a dirt bike and that too in self made courses is rare. It became a huge hit as soon as it came out. But the ability to control the bike can be both good and bad for you. Even so, you must Play Free Rider even if only once to enjoy the experience and experiment with the tweaks. You can even build your own coded maps to play which takes a short time with the editor.